Tuesday, June 13, 2017


The story of a husband and wife , Max and Zoe, who had to opt out for in vitro method to conceive. After several failed attempts, Max finally filed for a divorce and soon after that, turned into a very religious person. On the other hand, Zoe met a new life partner, got married but her spouse was a woman. They then tried to get the frozen and fertilized embryo as Zoe still wanted to have a baby, and here the conflict started as Max did give his consent. Then the courtroom drama began and in the readers would have to anticipate the ending who would be awarded of the custody of the unborn child. You have to read this on your own to find the answer.

Picoult has been writing quite a number of courtroom drama series it seems and I wonder if all of her books are in the same genre by now.

This should be my 9th Picoult's already. Here are her other books that I have read:

(1) Change of Heart
(2) My Sister's Keeper
(3) Plain Truth
(4) House Rules
(5) Picture Perfect
(6) Perfect Match
(7) Mercy
(8) Keeping Faith
(9) Lone Wolf