Thursday, June 29, 2017


28th JUNE 2017 ~ The visiting  activities continued today and I received the first visitors, Mr. Sharmin Mazlan with his wife and daughters. Working and residing now in Kuala Lumpur, he is an ex-student of SMK Taman Universiti from SPM batch 2002. I am glad he came visiting again after a long time and this time with more kids tagging along.

The next group of visitors were the ex-students from SPM batch 2009. The boys had been here many times but as for the girls, it was their first Eid visit. Four are already working and the other two are yet to finish their post-graduate studies.

The last group of students to arrive later in the evening were people from SPM batch 2006, one of them from batch 2012 and another one from batch 2016, who happen to be the younger siblings of people from the big group. One of the group members also had his wife and daughter together to join in the crowd. They are here almost every year and the group has grown smaller each year.

someone's getting married - the  handing over of
the invitation card ceremony :)

Today I received my very first Eid money packet [Chinese: "ang pau"]from one of my ex-students. I think I have reached the age when I am already eligible for this but I am not complaining. To the kindhearted person, you should know who you are, thanks a lot and only Allah may repay your kind thought and generosity.