Thursday, June 8, 2017


20th MARCH 2017 ~ When in Japan, do like the Japanese do. So I had real Japanese sushi for dinner. I am not a fan of sushi though, however the sushi tasted much better there, I was sure of that. I had sushi the first time when I was in Tokyo 3 years ago so I was excited to visit a sushi restaurant again.

Read about my first sushi-eating experience in Japan 3 years ago HERE.

Amazingly, I could even drink the bitter green tea without sugar when I was there. That would be a different story if I were at home.

That should be my last meal with Mr. Syafiq before leaving Osaka the next morning. In this trip, I had really gone the extra mile eating real (halal) Japanese food and I loved all of the dishes I had tried. I don't mind going back to Japan for more gastronomic adventure in the future.