Friday, July 20, 2018


13th JULY 2018 ~ One Friday afternoon, I went to attend a wedding reception of Ms. Nur 'Ain Syuhada Muhideen, an alumni of SMK Taman Universiti SPM batch 2009. The event was held at Pusat Latihan UTM (PULAU).

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As usual, met a few friends of SMKTUN and ex-students  as well there.

There were also the bride's brother, Mr. Azffar (SPM batch 2008), Ms. Nurafiqah Syahidah (SPM batch 2011) and the cousin, Ms. Shafinaz Jalil (SPM batch 2009 also).

the bride's parents
After teaching all the three siblings in SMKTUN, I am no stranger to the parents.

Ms Keerthana and Ms Khairunnisa, the bride's
I should also congratulate Ms. Nur'Ain Syuhada as she had just graduated from a university in Dundee, Scotland, a few weeks back, completing her studies in medicine. I will have to address her as Dr. Ain next time. And wishing the newly wedded couple a long lasting joy and happiness throughout their married life.

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