Tuesday, January 24, 2012


"The travelling bug has hit you again," wrote my friend, Christina Chan, in her comment on my FB wall. Yes, I am already here in Doha, Qatar, for a very short trip in conjunction with the Chinese New Year break. Thanks abound to my ex-schoolmate, Mr. Mohd. Razib Nordin, for inviting me to come over and play host for four days.

in front of the house of a Qatari oil and gas company employer

He is staying in Al Khor, an hour drive away from the city centre. I am lucky in a way as the weather is now cold, at times the temperature is below 10 degrees Celcius so I do not have to experience the extreme heat of the desert.

the host coming home from the night shift work

Doha at night
[viewed from the mosque I did not know the name]

I have a few more hours to explore Doha before heading to Dubai. Be ready to read more of my middle east trip soon. Happy holidays everybody.