Monday, January 16, 2012


14th JANUARY ~ Someone was kind enough to give me a treat after working during the school holidays. While many was quite hesitant every time I tested the water, Azry straightaway asked "when" and "where". So never say "NO" for a free meal and great company.

The host finally chose Secret Recipe in Jusco Bukit Indah as we were going western this time. The food on the table was aplenty it seemed but the two slices of cake were FREE of charge as someone was using his Citibank card first before getting back the reimbursement. (Luckily we checked the promo catalogue on display for the offer).

kids nowadays *sigh*

welcoming the dragon

At one time, I saw this one girl smiling gleefully from afar and I first thought she was about to lure me to buy the donuts. Actually she was an ex-student whom I taught when she was in form one and two (READ: famous); and that was a big relief I did not have to buy any donuts.

The outing was a brief one but please do not spend all the remaining money that you have Azry. We can go always go out again if time permits for another treat :). Thanks to Azry for the treat and not forgetting Asyraf for the fun time.