Saturday, January 7, 2012


This activity was discussed and carried out on an ad hoc basis, mainly because it was really difficult to find a vacant Saturday for the programme. It was a briefing cum parenting talk to the parents as well as the students of KAA [special religious classes].


students and parents arriving

The response was overwhelming and the audience filled almost all the seats in the school hall. We expected a smaller crowd but the presence of many parents was a good sign to us teachers.

the emcee

someone speaking on behalf of the Principal

the speaker

The briefing was mostly about what parents should know about this special class -such as the syllabus which is slightly different from mainstream students, what are expected of the KAA students, what are the possible opportunities that the students have in the future and how parents can play a role in assisting the students and teachers in learning, especially in Arabic Language.

emptying the hall

tea time (or was it an early lunch?) yeay!

packed refreshment at the canteen

All in all, even though the session was short, it was a fruitful one. Thanks and congratulations to all the students, teachers and parents who had gone the extra mile today. One day, we may reap what we had sown.

*NOTE: pics taken again from Puan Yasirah's FB as usual. Thanks a lot!