Saturday, January 7, 2012


I think I watched this movie two weeks ago, with Syhmil and Hasbullah. The main reason: I had watched the first one, so I had to watch its sequel.

Robert Downey Junior was playing the main character, Sherlock Holmes, a master of all trades. Being the superhero, he was not only brilliant but also funny. The whole movie was a cross between CSI and Mission Impossible - old school. All the obstacles could be overcome, any problems could be solved and the hero will never die. Was I excited? Unfortunately, no. There was not much difference from the first one, some parts of the plot were predictable or was I expecting too much. It was an enjoyable show, anyway but the air-condition at the KSL City MBO Cinema was too cold, just like winter time in Beijing :) So it is alright if you miss this movie, you are not missing much actually.