Friday, April 13, 2012


The marching competition for government organization boys' category was held today at the same venue, SMK Taman Impian Emas. Fortunately, only six schools took part so everything could be done in just a short time.

the preparation stage

uniform inspection

SMKTUN's Kadet Bomba in action

the prize giving ceremony

We were the (first) runner up again and we had to admit the winner was better than us, especially with all the glaring mistakes that the team made during the performance.

lunch time

the District Education Officer, school's senior assistants, judges and auditors, and all the participants

Congratulations to all the Kadet Bomba boys for winning the second place and I know you had worked real hard for this. I was happy that we still managed to send a team for the district level, and hopefully the tradition will continue on. Thanks to all the seniors for the endless support given, especially for training the group. There were people who went to the extent of skipping class from college and not going to work just to be together with the team. The parents had also given us the support and this year, there were parents who volunteered to cook for us for the training and the competition day, and I considered myself really lucky this year.

Even though the competition was already over, we should start training the juniors to prepare for next year's platoon. It is not as easy as you people out there think to put 30 over people together as a team. It requires determination and patience, a lot of them the whole season through.