Thursday, February 21, 2013


Nurul Alyani sitting on the right, wearing a green shirt.
Picture taken in 2010 at Hutan Bandar Mutiara Rini in November. She was playing host for a class party of 2KP1, and she was the form teacher.
We first heard about the accident in which Nurul Alyani Ariffin, her husband and daughter were involved on Monday when someone saw the status update on her Facebook wall. And today, we received the news that she was not with us anymore, leaving us forever, after being unconscious for six days.

She started teaching in SMK Taman Universiti in January 2008 until December 2010 when she left for Sandakan, Sabah, to be with her beloved husband who is working there. One of the things I told her when she applied for the transfer was my hope to go and visit her and her family in Sandakan one day and I know now that is never going to happen.

It is a very sad news for everybody in school indeed. If I were to write about my experience working with her, I know it would only be about all the good things as I could not find anything negative about her.

We will all miss you, a lot. And we pray, may Allah bless you and your soul be placed together with the believers and faithful ones.