Monday, February 4, 2013


When I was about to walk out of my house, I realized that it was raining this morning and I was quite sure that the Chinese New Year Celebration in school would be cancelled. So I called a colleague who is also in-charge of the Angklung Group, Puan Intan Badariah, just to confirm of the present situation. However, according to her, the sky was getting brighter and the students were already seated at the assembly place so I sped off in my car making my way to school. Although it was cloudy with a very convincing sign of rain, the show must go on. And Alhamdulillah, thank God, the event was successfully carried out as planned.

The celebration was actually organized by the Chinese Language Society, St. John's Ambulance and The Red Crescent Society of the school.

I was actually quite exhausted to write a longer description of this special occasion so let's just see some pictures with very brief notes to tell you what was happening in school.

(1) Combination of students and teacher masters of ceremony

(2) Fan Dance

(3) Angklung Group performing two Chinese New Year songs

(4) Musical performance of Traditional Chinese String Musical Instruments
(will ask the name of the instruments tomorrow)

(5) Chinese Yoyo Performance

(6) Magic Show

(7) Lion Dance
(Everybody loved the two lions. Yes, there were two actually)

(8) Presenting oranges to the teachers ceremony

(9) Teachers wearing Chinese New Year themed dresses
(There was a competition, I think, for those who put the effort to appear extra red today)

And the event was then repeated in the evening (but with fewer and simpler activities) for the afternoon session teachers and students. And I will still post a story on this tomorrow. *yawn*

 after-the-event photoshoot

pictures courtesy of Puan Yusidah Yusof