Thursday, February 14, 2013


I am blogging now because I don't have anything else to do. I will have to be here for 5 hours before the next flight will take me home. I am not reading because it will make me sleepy and I will not sleep as there is the possibility of me getting overslept and missing the plane. It is a zoo right here, right now with people from places you have never heard of filling up all the empty spaces. Up until now, the information for my flight has not yet appeared on the electronic board so just keep my fingers crossed it will not be delayed or else I will miss my bus later as a consequence.

I am also hoping I could sleep well along the journey and could it be possible not to encounter a jet lag afterwards, I wonder, I read somewhere if travelers could maintain their sleep pattern according to the local time, thing will be alright. I have to attend a wedding on Saturday and will get back to school on Sunday afternoon for angklung practice and my tuition class at Asrama Felda in the evening. *sigh*

I think I need to get some photos taken. There is not a slightest sign for my "Spot the Error" entries from Abu Dhabi but I will still go hunting. Hopefully there will be people sleeping and drooling and I will risk my life for that. *evil grin*