Wednesday, February 27, 2013


"When a fresh patient came to me the usual query is "Will I be able to speak like the King?" and my reply is: "Yes, if you will work like he does." I will cure anyone of intelligence if they will only work like you did - for now you are reaping the benefit of this tremendously hard work you did at the beginning." (page 202)

This is the story of Lionel Logue, an Australian who migrated to London with his other family members and later worked as a speech therapist to King George Vl, the late father of the present Queen Elizabeth, the Queen of England. He had successfully cured the acute stammer problem the King was facing and turned him into a good public speaker. During that time, people listened attentively to others' speeches and remarks and critiques were made based on what they had listened to. The moral of the story: public speaking is seriously scary. 

Other than reading the remarkable work done by Logue, the readers could learn a bit of the history of the British monarch, the lifestyle of the royalty in Buckingham Palace and London during World War ll.  It was a good read, factual and yet entertaining and educational at the same time.

Believe it or not, I bought the original DVD of the movie of the same title but I haven't watched it yet. Now I better go and find where it is.