Friday, February 22, 2013


We went into the cafe twice to get our cups of hot Nescafe really very early in the morning after our Subuh prayer at the Blue Mosque. It was situated right outside the mosque overlooking Sultanahmet Square so it was easily spotted.

The morning was really cold and we could only go for breakfast at 7:30 a.m. at the hotel. We would hang out at the Square and this was one choice that we had. The shop operated 24 hours a day so that was why it was opened in the wee hour of the morning.

sugar cubes inside

We went there only twice but on the second day, the owner already knew what we wanted when we entered the shop.

I just love the lights on the ceiling

The Nescafe here was thicker in a smaller cup and I guessed fresh milk was added instead of condensed milk or creamer like we use to do in Malaysia. It was the best cuppa I have ever had. If you wonder how much does a cup of Nescafe cost here - it was 7 lira. We did not mind paying for a simple pleasure in life.

I wonder whether people from Nescafe or Nestle will see this and pay me for the free advertisement. :)