Tuesday, April 8, 2014


The next attraction in the itinerary was the Emerald Pool, a spot which has been highlighted in many travel blogs and books. From the parking space, visitors would need to walk to the Emerald Pool for about 800 metres, or it could be more than that.

The pool contained crystal clear emerald water which was a sight to behold. However, again, like the hot stream, the pool was just too small or were there too many excited people to go for a dip in there?

Then, I spotted a walking pavement built with concrete that would lead me to another pool: the Blue Pool. Seriously, I had never come across about this in any blogs I read before going to Thailand. Being the curious me, I decided to trek uphill and it was another 10-15 minutes walk through the forest.

It was worth the effort when I finally the Blue Pool right in front of me. It was really a breathtaking scenery. Nevertheless, people are not allowed to swim here as, according to the signboard, the pool is too deep and the "sucking mud" (something like a quicksand, I think) could be dangerous.

Then there was this one lady who kept shouting and clapping her hands excitedly by the pool, I thought she was crazy. After some time, then only I realized, by doing that, there would be ripples on the surface of the pool. A Physics lesson in real life that was.

translate: Muslim food, cooked by Muslims
The members of the traveling van were told to meet at this restaurant at the entrance for our lunch which was included in the package. This was a Muslim restaurant so you should have no doubt to eat here. I had to share the lunch table with two people from Germany and two others from Ukraine. Too bad, they did not like the extremely hot and spicy tom yam - their loss, my gain.

food found at the stalls nearby

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