Wednesday, April 16, 2014


With Muslims making up the 60% population of Krabi, HALAL food was in abundance. I got a bit adventurous this time, trying to hunt for local delicacies. I didn't, however, ate in any proper restaurants but went on foot to see what the street hawkers had in store for me. 

The major attraction that was sold by many hawkers would be the banana pancake. It was not a pancake actually, more like our local "roti canai" (or "paratha") with slices of banana. Most of the time I had condensed milk poured on mine and once I had nutella on it. The price: 30 Baht = RM3.00, without extra topping. You should also try the fruits shake but there was no milk at all in the shake. It was ice and fresh fruit blended together but it was good. My pick: watermelon shake.

I had the opportunity to savour the noodles for dinner sold at the stalls in the evening: the fried and soupy ones. The verdict: quite spicy but very yummy. I had to pay 40 Baht for each dish.

One morning, I just walked and found my first breakfast bought from a makeshift stall by the seaside. I chose to try fried rice, which was also very spicy, with chicken and garnished with cucumber and Thai sauce. For my sweet tooth, I had sticky rice with grated coconut mixed with brown coconut sugar. 

On the last night there, I walked further to this Muslim settlement (there was a big mosque under construction) in search for this one dish: sticky rice with mango and coconut milk. And to my delight, there was so much more to eat and to see.

I found this one stall selling local "kuih" - sweet cakes/desserts and I bought the the pumpkin pie which looked really tempting.

Other than permanent and modern restaurants, there were also a lot of stalls selling halal food for you to choose. I wished I had tried the authentic Siamese "tomyam" but I shall go back for it later.  

grilled chicken and catfish

To conclude my gastronomic adventure in Krabi, I went to see the ladies selling breakfast by the seaside on the last day to try other food. My breakfast was more like lunch early in the morning as I had rice, shredded chicken meat and mixed vegetables. Nothing could beat the experience eating a heavy breakfast on a bench while observing the sea. 

With halal food available round the clock, you could simply go to Ao NangKrabi without any worries. I think I could easily organize a group trip there by now. :)