Saturday, April 19, 2014


27th MARCH 2014 ~ On the last day, as I had the time to kill, I decided to go to Krabi town which is 30-minute away from Ao Nang by "tuk tuk". I chartered a "tuk tuk" and the driver, by the name of Abdullah, also acted as my tourist guide. I paid 800 baht for the Ao Nang-Krabi trip, to and fro. The good news was that selfie was not necessary anymore.

The first spot that I was taken to was this place where there were metal sculptures of crabs which told the history of the town. But I wonder whether the name "Krabi" derived from the English word "crab" or does "crab" also has similar pronunciation in Thai language?

The sculptures were very significant that every tourist wanted his/her photo to be taken at this very spot.

my chartered "tuk tuk"

the cheaper version of "tuk tuk"

The tourist guide expected me to do some shopping here but there was not much to shop anyway. It was just a small town but I did not have enough time to explore more. Nevertheless, Abdullah managed to get me on a boat for a river cruise that morning. But that was another story.