Sunday, August 24, 2014


23rd August 2014 ~ I was asked to take part in a chess competition organized by PSKPP for state level, a body which was in-charge of sports and cultural activities for the academic and non-academic staff. The event was held in Kota Tinggi, Johor. Initially the three games namely chess, dart and carom were meant for administrators but there were not many administrators who were there to play chess especially so in the end any Tom, Dick or Harry could take part.

For the chess competition, there should be 4 people for one team (it was team category) but there were only 3 players for Johor Bahru district (and the third played was actually the team manager) but we just played for the fun of it, knowing that the chance of winning was very slim. We simply gave the fourth winning point away freely to the opponents.

an ex-colleague, Ustaz Rosli Puteh,
who is at PPD Segamat

Despite the fact we had less one player, we managed to win the third place of the competition. You could imagine what could happen if we had a fourth chess player for our team.

I guess I should start practising to hone my skills for next year's competition.