Friday, August 22, 2014


With the help of a few male teachers and a female teacher (who is the wife of one of the male colleagues), my room was finally cleared for the next Senior Assistant of the Afternoon Session to reside. It was not an easy task as there was so much treasure (or rubbish) accumulated throughout my 20 years of service here.

This is the room where I have spent my time on weekdays and weekends. And I used to sleep here the night before the registration day for new students to make sure everything was ready and for the fear of not waking up early the next morning. (My house is 25 kilometres away from school).

Perhaps, there will no more Chess Club members coming in and out to get and to keep the chess sets; or the Angklung group members getting the instruments before practice and storing them back in the big cupboard inside afterwards.

This place is going to change, no more will it be for people, especially the men teachers, to sit down and gossip, or stop by just to perform the afternoon prayers.

I have seen my room at the new school and things will never be the same, ever. I will sure miss this place, a lot. :(