Saturday, August 16, 2014


After the long break from visiting and being visited, I went to an open house for Eid after being invited by Mr. Mohd. Syazwan Shavarein from SPM batch 2013. He intentionally came back from his polytechnic in Ipoh for the open house. I have actually become a family friend so not to go (without any valid reason) would make me feel guilty.

After that, two girls from SPM batch 2006 came visiting. Miss Noor Fatiha Hamid, who is now residing and working in Kuala Lumpur, came together with her classmate, Miss Insyirah Johan. How these people have grown up and turned into beautiful young ladies and how I have grown old. *sigh*

We are actually moving towards the third trimester of "Syawal" (the month for Eid celebration) and there is still time for visiting and selfie-ing.