Wednesday, August 27, 2014


26th August 2014 ~ The original plan was ex-students visiting the teacher's house but it was changed to a meeting at Bigfood Cafe. It was alright with me and it was good in a way that I got to know a new eating place in town. Someone just came back from India for HIS semester break while the other three had also not met me for quite some time. We ordered western food which came in large servings but surprisingly we managed to gobble everything down. 

It was just a brief date but gossiping was still the main agenda. We should do this more frequently and hopefully we could get some sari materials later from that someone. It was a combination of good food and good company - thanks a lot Haran, Amalina, Fatihah and Rabiatul(from SPM batch 2010). Until we meet again in the next gossiping session.