Sunday, August 10, 2014


More people came visiting on Saturday. Lucky enough there was no school activity so I had the chance to entertain the visitors the whole day.

The first group to arrive was the family of ex-students. 4 of my ex-students complete with their parents, husbands, a wife and four children. The four of them are Nasliana [SPM 2001], Nur Nasyahidah [SPM 2003], Khairul Nisab [SPM 2005] and Amirul Husni [2010]. It was their first time coming as a family. However, someone was not there and he would always be missed. *sob*

A few minutes after, three sweet girls from SPM batch 2005 were also at my house, finally. They were here for two reasons: to celebrate Eid and two of them wanted to hand over their wedding invitation cards. Accidentally, they are also in the same batch with Mr. Khairul Nisab. It's a small world after all.

handing over the wedding invitation card ceremony

The next group also came in one family. Two ex-students who are married to each other, Mr. Ahmad Firdaus Ahmad Shahlan and Ms. Noor Al-Iman Madzlan, from SPM batch 2001, with their daughter; and the sister of Mr. Ahmad Firdaus: Ms. Shazwani Ahmad Shahlan from SPM batch 2004 with her husband, Mr. Lutfi.

And finally, the last visitors of the day were not my ex-students. They were the parents and the sister of my colleague, Ms. Hasanah Abdul Jamal, with her daughter tagging along. We have now become family friends. 

Over the years, I think I have already expanded my network. I should have taken up MLM. :)