Monday, June 22, 2015


(1) A distinct feature that makes Everland unique is that there is a safari/mini zoo in the theme park. From the main entrance, we took a ride on cable car going down to a lower ground. Please sit still - I am afraid I might fall off.

(2) We managed to catch a sea lion show. Everything was done in Korean but I still enjoyed the whole performance. 

(3) Then we managed to watch one more animal show involving many kinds of other animals like birds, dogs, cats and guinea pigs. They must have undergone intensive training for this kind of performance.

(4) Then we went on a ride on this amphibian vehicle to see bigger animals with a tour guide unfortunately speaking in Korean. But it did not matter as she was quite cute actually - wearing that fake ears and all.

up close with Mr. (or Mrs./Miss) giraffe

(5) In an open arena, we watched another animal show involving bigger birds. Seriously, how could they train these animals to follow instructions? I was already thinking of switching career at that time.

(6) The last ride in the safari was something like white water rafting. We were in the same boat with 4 Korean boys and girls and I could feel the teen spirit. The ride was not that scary though - you could just get wet once everything was done.

 There were so many things to do in the safari so it was worth the money spent to buy the expensive entrance tickets. There is more to tell...