Saturday, December 26, 2015


One of the happiest moments was when I discovered there was a mosque near Chiang Rai Town, called Darunaman Mosque. And what more, there were shops and stalls selling halal food near to it.

The mosque is located on Isaraparb Road, near the Clock Tower. Muslim travelers should not worry of getting their halal meals locally if they could locate this place. 

The mosque was spacious and really clean which showed that it was well taken care of.

I could also find a few rooms attached to the mosque which might be used for religious classes.

I even stopped for a short while to chat (in Malay language) with a guy named Kuza who was there with the "tabligh" group. He came from Yala, from the South of Thailand and had worked in Johor Bahru (my hometown) before.

the friendly stall operator who could converse in English

a stall selling fried chicken and the owner could also speak English

my dinner: fried rice and fried chicken

I went to this place again after that to try the local food of Chiang Rai.

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