Tuesday, December 22, 2015


I could not get my luggage bag upon arrival in KLIA2 from Chiang Mai on Sunday, 20th December 2015 [read: I lost my bag].

I was waiting for my bag at the carousel - from the first bag that appeared on the conveyor belt, right to the very last one, but my bag was nowhere to be seen.

I had a bus to catch to take me to JB at 10:10 a.m. so I could not wait any longer. I lodged a report at the AirAsia counter for missing bags (and things like that) and ran to the bus terminal, like the scene from the "Amazing Race" reality TV show. There was no point waiting in the first place as the staff would need a lot of time to search for it and there would be no guarantee they could find the missing item immediately.

There was nothing much to be done except to pray hard I would get back my belonging.

And today, after 2 days, a staff from AirAsia called, informing me that the bag had been found. I voluntarily went to Senai Airport to pick it up even though the person could personally drop the bag on my doorstep. (I was in school at that time so it was not that far actually to get to the airport.)

Alhamdulillah, thank you Allah, for now I could already start planning for my next trip with the ease of mind.

*NOTE: on March 2014, I lost my luggage bag on my way home from Krabi. That happened when the taxi that sent me home simply drove off with my bag in the car boot after I had paid him and got out of the car. And the rest was history.