Friday, December 11, 2015


Unlike the movie "Spectre" or "Star Wars", "The Heart of the Sea" is not given much publicity locally. I decided to go and watch and it was definitely a wise decision. For his upcoming book, an author went to see one of the crew members who survived the whale-hunting session, begging him to share his experience, with a sum of money as a reward. His story was then written into a novel entitled "Moby Dick".

Another story with a simple theme of human versus nature, but there should be more that could be discussed from the movie. 

One of the gory scenes actually was found in the script when the crew members were talking on the boat. They were adrift with no rescue coming and then someone died (because of hunger or sickness or exhaustion). The main character was telling the other crew members not throw the corpse into the sea as that could be their source of food. It was further narrated that they first took out the internal organs, and separate the meat from the bones and ate the heart first. *euw...* 
You have to listen for this part very carefully as there was no graphic on screen to support your imagination.

Hurry up people, go and watch the movie before the school reopens. And the hero is the same person who plays THOR, the superhero. So if you are expecting him to throw his hammer to defeat the whale, that is not going to happen.