Tuesday, July 12, 2016


Another group that was involved in the Eid greeting cards project is the people from UPM TESL group. This was also our second year sending out cards to friends who are staying far away (mostly) from each other.

To those who are not familiar to the card-sending activity, here are the steps involved:
[1] buy greeting cards.
[2] write the cards (we used to write long messages like letters and sometimes "pantun" ~ Malay rhythmic prose).
[3] write the addresses on the envelopes.
[4] go to the post office.
[5] buy stamps.
[6] stick the stamps on the envelopes.
[7] post the cards.

With the long chain of process involved, the extra effort should in a way prove how one values the friendship.

the sender of this self-made card remains a mystery

To all my friends, your determination to make this project a success is very much appreciated. Thanks a lot from the bottom of my heart. Hopefully we will continue sending out not just cards and well wishes, but also love and kind thoughts to each other. *muah muah*