Sunday, July 17, 2016


Four ex-students of SMKTUN who are siblings came visiting with their parents, kids, husbands and wife. They are Pn. Nasliana (SPM batch 2001), Pn. Nasyahidah (SPM batch 2003), Mr. Khairul Nisab (SPM batch 2005) and Mr. Amirul Husni (SPM batch 2010). After all these years, we have become like family friends.

Right after that, I went to a new residential area in Kangkar Pulai called Fortune Hills as I was invited to an open house gathering by Dr. Azzad's family. I really had to accept his invitation as he had come to my house twice for Eid.

His younger sister, who is also an ex-student of mine, was also there. Dr. Azaty Hamzah is from SPM batch 2004, and bot she and her brother were the school's chess players.

Hoping to see more people for the coming week. There still a lot of cookies at home.