Thursday, July 7, 2016


As expected, people started coming to visit today, ex-students, friends and relatives. Actually they were already here on the first day of Eid but I was too busy (and too tired afterwards) to do the documentation.

The first visitors of the day were Dr. Azzad Hamzah, SMKTUN ex-student from SPM batch 2002, accompanied by his wife and two kids. This was his second time visiting during Eid. He is now back in JB after being posted to Sabah for quite some time, and is now working in one of the private hospitals here.

Then Dr. Hayati Ismail and her family came over for their regular Eid visit. She is a friend from UPM TESL group and is now residing in Putrajaya.

I am just praying for a cooler and pleasant temperature for the days to come. There should be more people to meet and see.