Friday, July 8, 2016


The first visitor of the day was my ex-classmate from SMK Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru, Mr. Shahrir Yusof. He was here with his family members. We were finally reunited after more than 30 years. We went our separate was after SRP (examination for form 3 students) and had no chance to meet up, except communicating through Facebook. We hope to see each other again after this but I actually still have doubt that is going to happen.

Then another classmate, but this time from Budiman class of SMS Muar, Mr. Ahmad Fadilah Md. Aris, came visiting accompanied by his family too. I could not remember exactly when we we last met for Eid but I am quite sure he was not here last here. For one thing, I hope to see him in Medan one day. :)

In the afternoon, I was visited by two ex-students from SMKTUN, Dr. Harith [SPM batch 2005]and Mr. Hasif Ismail [SPM 2008], with their parents and other siblings and this has become something customary already. This time, Dr. Harith was here with his wife and daughter. By the way, the reunion was not complete as someone is already in another part of planet Earth.

Another ex-classmate from SMS Muar was also here with his family members right after that. Despite the fact that he is always in JB almost every year for Eid, he finally made the effort to drop by. I do understand how busy people are during Eid as there are just too many people that need to be visited, especially the relatives.

Two more days of Eid's visiting sessions will take place before the school reopens and things will slow down a bit.