Sunday, July 31, 2016


After the two wedding receptions attended in the afternoon, I had to go to FIVE open houses in the evening, after my class had ended. I really had to compartmentalize my tummy so I could eat at every venue visited. So here is the report in brief.

HOUSE #1: Mr. Sabri Salleh and Puan Hasnah, Pulai Flora

An old friend from SMK Taman Universiti and has become family friend. The daughter who is also an ex-student of mine from SPM batch 2010, Miss Habibah, just arrived from the UK the night before and three of her classmates were also there - Mr. Haran, Ms. Fatihah and Ms. Shanu. So when classmates met, we really laughed loudly even though there were other guests there.

Ms. Hakimah from SPM batch 2015 was also home for the weekend, so I met more people in one session.

[CONSUMPTION:  a few pieces of baguette and stew]

HOUSE #2: Mr. Hisham and Puan Nurhafizah,
Taman Mutiara Rini

The next house visited was the house of Mr. Hisham Abdullah and Puan Nurhafizah, both are friends from SMKTUN. There were other people who were still there when I arrived so I had to stay longer.

[CONSUMPTION: a few pieces of "roti jala"
 (thin pancakes) with minced meat gravy.]

HOUSE #3: Mr. Syazwan Shavarein, Tmn Skudai Indah

Mr. Syazwan is from SPM batch 2013 and I have become a family friend (I think). 5 ex-students were also there so again, I had to stay longer to do some catching up. How a few people have really changed physically!

[CONSUMPTION: Three sticks of sate and a piece of bread pudding]

HOUSE #4: Mr. Shafiq Suhaimi, Kempas

Mr. Shafiq was from SMK Kempas and I taught him English in the extra class programme they had in school in 2002 but a few of his classmates are still in contact with me. I guess the last time we met was during his wedding reception and this evening, it was an open house cum "aqiqah" ceremony for his first bundle of joy. I thought he would be inviting me anymore.

[CONSUMPTION:  4 pieces of small "lemang" (rice cooked in bamboo) and stew.]

When I went back home, I was so full, I felt guilty of eating even though I had disciplined myself so hard not to take too much food at each of the house. Anyway, I couldn't just go without eating, could I?

All in all, I am now officially fat.