Friday, November 4, 2016


16th September 2016 ~ I could not get the batik shirt I wanted from the outlets at Jalan Aceh. The guide seemed unhappy with that, so he took us to a shopping mall at Jalan Sukajadi called Bandung Indah Plaza. We went to this Matahari emporium where there were a bigger variety of batik shirts on display.

if the shirt fits...
Finally, I got what I wanted, a more contemporary Indonesian batik which was not too Indonesian. Actually there was another one which I really liked but the size I wanted was not available. It is always like that when it comes to shopping for clothes or shoes. So I had to settle for this purple batik. 

Opposite the Bandung Indah Plaza, there is another factory outlet. There seems to be a lot factory outlets everywhere in Bandung. That is why Bandung has become a shopping haven for many Malaysians.

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