Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Even though this was my second trip to Bandung, it was my first time checking in and out at this airport. Two years ago, we landed in Jakarta and then only were driven to Bandung.  

Husain Sastranegara International Airport was a small airport located right in the middle of the city, It was surrounded by houses and I was surprised to see there was already a road that is used by the locals as I stepped out of the arrival hall. 
I always feel I was at a bus station and not an airport every time I had to walk on the tarmac, once I get out of the aircraft and had to walk a long way to the arrival hall.

That was a new terminal building if I am not mistaken. This could be because more and more people are coming in, especially Malaysians, just to do their shopping there. 

There are direct flights from Senai Airport in Johor Bahru, the city/town I am staying in, to Bandung. So I hope I could go back again one day just for a short trip, to visit Pasar Baru and buy a few items from there if I could get cheap plane tickets. Hopefully....

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