Saturday, November 5, 2016


16th September 2016 ~ One of the must-visit spots in Bandung would be Pasar Baru. People come here to shop. I like this place as items sold are not specifically only for women, but there are also variety of things that men could buy. And they are cheaper if bought in Malaysia.

This is a very large building which accommodates 7 floors of shops selling anything under the sun. It is so big and confusing like a maze that you could lose your way easily. Or you think you will go back to this one particular shop to purchase an item but you decide to go to other place first, there is a high possibility you will not get back the shop again. People come here mostly for clothes and textiles, especially Malaysians. I believe avid shoppers could spend hours here.

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I could not shop a lot this time as I had already 4 big boxes of angklung sets to bring back home. I was afraid the luggage would exceed its bought limit of 80 kilogrammes and had to pay for the extra weight which would be expensive. That was in a way a blessing in disguise.