Tuesday, May 2, 2017


19th MARCH 2017 ~ We then moved on and went into the huge building that housed everything that was related to trains. I had never seen so many trains being put together in one place, and these were all real trains.

There were also a lot of model trains put on display. Wish I could get a few to bring back home but then I would have problems storing. Even though there were miniatures, they were still big and were built to scale.

Right outside the museum was a real life train station with complicated train lines intertwined with each other. At times, we could see bullet trains gliding past at high speed.

This was also the first time I had to be in a VERY long queue just to get into a museum souvenir shop to buy a fridge magnet.

If I had the chance to visit a place like this when I was young, I am sure I will be in a train-related profession by now.