Friday, May 19, 2017


20th MARCH 2017 ~ On the second day in Kyoto, we went to visit one of the most photographed places - the Bamboo Grove of Arashiyama. People came here but to see the bamboo trees, of all the things in the world.

The bus stopped by the roadside and visitors would have to walk to the entrance of the walkway between the bamboo grove.

a graveyard

It was a Monday but a public holiday in Japan. There were already many people at that place even though we were there quite early. There could be a bigger crowd later in the afternoon, I supposed.

It was quite impossible to get yourself photographed without people standing in the background. So we had to be happy with our effort to find the best angles for the shots.

Where did all these people come from?

I just wonder if the bamboo strips from here are used to make angklung (the Indonesian musical instrument), would they produce beautiful music too?