Friday, May 12, 2017


19TH MARCH 2017 ~ What we basically did was just walking around the place. There seemed to be more to be explored but it was getting late and the surrounding was a bit dark actually. By the way, "jinja" is the Japanese word for "shrine". Now you know.

Here are some interesting facts about Yasaka-Jinja Shrine found on the internet:

1. It is considered as the most popular shrine in Kyoto.

2. It was founded 1350 years ago.

3. Come July, Gion Matsuri is celebrated here at a grand scale. Must come back one day.

4. Each lantern lit up in the main hall (refer to Part 1) contains the name of the company which should contribute donation to the shrine.

I was glad we decided to have a peek inside this place as it turned out to be an important landmark here. Our instinct never went wrong.