Thursday, May 18, 2017


The school level Teacher's Day celebration was done today. It had to be postponed from the 16th May as Johor Bahru district had to host the national level celebration.

This is my 24th Teacher's Day so after all these years, is it still significant? It is still special as I do not have to enter class or get occupied with school work. Instead I have to sit through all the planned programme from morning until school is dismissed in the afternoon.

This time, the teachers of SMK Dato' Jaafar had come up with the theme of "what if I am not a teacher?" so people had to dress up for the day. As for me, I was definitely not young anymore for this kind of thing.

last time: an ex-student, now: a colleague

This was my first time celebrating Teacher's Day in an all boys' school and to my surprise, a few students from my English class were kind enough to give me presents. *tears of joy* My hypothesis has been proven wrong then. 

Until next year's celebration...