Wednesday, May 10, 2017


I had the chance to meet up two (old) friends from college last Friday and Monday. The first one was Puan Zanariah Abd. Shukor who was here with other family members on 5th May 2017. She was my TESL coursemate of UPM batch 1993. Since her schedule was quite packed, we just met at JPO (Johor Premium Outlet) as she had also planned to go there. It was a short meeting but I was still glad to meet her.

The second one was Pn. Hazlina Aziz, another TESL friend, who was here on Monday,8th May 2017, for work-related thing. We managed to go to the famous Murtabak Kampung Melayu stall for its famous flat bread filled with minced beef (but we thought it was chicken) and "mee rebus". The tour package this time included a visit to the "pasar malam" (translate: night market) also in Kampung Melayu.

Thanks to Puan Zanariah and Puan Hazlina for the brief meetings. It is always my pleasure to entertain friends when they are in Johor Bahru. Until the next rendezvous, and maybe with other people ...