Friday, January 5, 2018


16th OCTOBER 2017 ~ In the morning of the last day in Makassar, I went to visit Benteng Somba Opu. It was a historic port of one of the once most important spots in the city. Unfortunately, the place was not well looked after and there was not much remnant of the fort that could be seen.

Many traditional houses or known as "Rumah Adat" were built at this area. The houses had different architectural styles of the many ethnic groups in Makassar. Again, the beautiful houses were not taken care of. I was even confused as there were real people residing in a few of these houses. At one house, there was even a dog rushing out as I was admiring the beautiful structure. I don't think this is still an attraction for tourists anymore.

Luckily I found a museum nearby so I made my way to the building to see what would be waiting inside.