Monday, January 22, 2018


What should you do to overcome the problem of overpopulation and the rising cost of living? Downsize people and everything all around them. That is basically what the movie is about. Paul and his wife decided to shrink themselves and move to Leisureland, the new place for small people who have gone through the process of making themselves smaller. Just imagine Lilliput in Gulliver's Travel. Unfortunately for Paul, after he has successfully shrunk himself, he gets a phone call from the wife, telling him she could not continue with what they have planned and has to leave him on his own. Everything was too late for Paul as once one gets oneself dwarfed, it is irreversible.

Most of the scenes of the movie are funny and I must say I enjoy the story BUT the ending is somehow does not do justice to such an amazing scientific/futuristic theme. For Matt Damon fans, you can see the more realistic and "ugly" Matt Damon as an ordinary person, and not as a larger-than-life movie star. I would still recommend this movie as there is no other interesting films on show at the moment.