Saturday, January 27, 2018


I decided to start my own hometown's gastronomic adventure, as if I go and eat out that frequent. This should at least help some people if they are looking for eating places around Johor Bahru. I only know a few places that I could recommend - places that I myself like to go and food I find delicious. I am not that adventurous when it comes to food hunting.

A few colleagues from school wanted to get lunch after the school activity in the morning. This should be one of their favourite places for lunch. Here, you have only two choices for food - either Nasi Mak Wok (Mak Wok's Rice) or Nasi Kerabu (the rice that is coloured blue). Everybody had nasi Mak Wok and for drinks we chose milk tea and green tea, both with lots of bubbles. 

The rice was wrapped in a piece of paper. The quantity was a lot and there were small pieces of crispy chicken meat fried with tamarind and the curry gravy was already poured into the rice. There was no vegetable at all, surprisingly but the taste was good.

Definitely a good place to spoil one's diet for the day but the food and drinks were delicious. This could be proven by the crowd filling the empty seats at that time. I would try Nasi Kerabu next time.

The restaurant will soon move to its new shop three doors away in the same building. Adscorner's Restaurant is located at the new shop houses at Kebun Teh, near to crossroads of Johor Bahru Fire Station.