Wednesday, February 14, 2018


Long time ago, there was this Indonesian restaurant "Selera Sunda Sawargi" in Taman Universiti. I managed to eat there twice before it suddenly disappeared. Surprisingly, I saw a restaurant with the same name recently at Taman Desa Skudai. I was excited as I had had good food before and was waiting for the right to visit this eating place.

When old friend was in town, I decided to get dinner there. We ordered "mee bakso" - noodles and meat balls in soup and for dessert we had "Sup Buah" (fruit cocktail). I did not know how to rate the bakso as I seldom had that. Generally it was good and I did not mind getting back. However, I will have to try that "nasi timbel" - rice wrapped in banana leaf, next time.

For one thing, the restaurant was spacious and clean so it should be a good place to hang out. I have to wait for other friends to come and pay me a visit in JB.

Read about my first visit to "Selera Sunda Sawargi" in Taman Universiti in 2013 HERE.