Tuesday, February 13, 2018


Mr. Sunny Teoh had been coming to see me in school, SDJ, for a few times for some official matters but only today I had the chance to get our photo taken together. We were classmates for six years, from Standard 1- 6 at Sekolah Temenggong Abdul Rahman (2). [a.k.a STAR(2)] We had since been separated when we went to different schools for secondary education and had never seen each other despite the fact we are both in Johor Bahru. Mathematically we had not seen each other for about 37 years already. We found and got connected on Facebook a few years back and on Whatsapp only recently. We shared fond memories of childhood when friendship did not recognize race and religion, everyone in school was always happy running here and there, and the word "stress" was a non-existence.

We need to have a longer chat session over coffee one of these days, and try to ask other ex-classmates who we still remember who they are, vice versa.

Thanks Mr. Sunny Teoh for the CNY goodies. Hope to see you again soon.