Wednesday, August 12, 2009


I am proud to announce that I have finished reading this 616-page book even though it took ages for me to do so. I remembered buying this book from Miri on June 29th, an achievement for me so far! This is what you would call a good book written by a good writer. A good book is one you can't get rid of and wish that you have the whole time in the world just to finish reading it. The story centralizes on the protagonist, Danny who was convicted with a crime which he did not commit i.e. killing his own best friend. Sent to jail, he befriended two people and managed to free himself from the prison walls and planned to take revenge on people who had conspired against him earlier. It is a series of stories that take place almost everywhere, in the courtroom, in the prison, in a rich man's world and back to the courtroom; it is a tale full of conspiracy, lies and deceits. Knowing Archer, there are just too many twists in the tale that makes reading more exciting. I wonder if the Americans are going to make this into a movie. Nevertheless, I have another Archer's in my collection waiting to be picked up.