Sunday, August 9, 2009


One of the most memorable time in my life so far is when I was studying in UPM for my TESL programme. One reason is that I had fun and interesting friends, and that they never change. That is why I am always looking forward to any gathering when I can always meet them. The reunion gathering has become like an annual event so this year Shazreen was kind enough to organize the get together at Equatorial Hotel, Bangi.

some of the early birds

I was the among the early ones to arrive, and found Shazreen and his wife. I was not sure at first whether 20 people could make it this time as there were a few who pulled out at the last minute. But people started arriving slowly, there were lots of hugging, kissing and screaming. The calm atmosphere of the dining hall had somewhat changed to a merrier and people started to chat loudly. I felt like I was a teenager again.

the more, the merrier
Basically what we did was we ate a lot and chatted non-stop. We made a lot of noise in the coffee house, just like the good old days. Just hope other people were not distracted by our presence but judging by the volume of laughter, I bet that was not going to happen.

with Fairuz Leman, my best friend since 2nd year of TESL programme
The hi-tea should end at 4 but we continued sitting and talking, and there was no sign of anyone leaving the place until one of the hotel staff politely asked us to go away, and that was at about 5. The conversation then dragged on at the hotel foyer where more photograph sessions were done and people could pose like they used to do before.

Dr. Fauziah Hassan, the one and only lecturer who turned up for the gathering

one last pose before leaving

Standing back row: Aliza (Liseh), Rozana Sani (Anasan), Maizurfidar Anum (Anum), Jashireen (Jash), Rozida (Ida), Hayati (Radio), Marina, Mariati (Achik); Sitting first row from the back: Christina, Salmiah (Salmi), Dr. Fauziah Hassan (Kak Jie), Zainal, Hazlina (Bob/Jaws); Sitting second row: Azlan (Jerangkung), Shazreen (Aboy), Zefri (Jepp), Aida, Azman (Toba). Fairuz Leman and Maslinda (Amoi) went off already by the time the pic was taken.

All in all, it was a day and money well-spent. The food was superb and I enjoyed the company of old friends the most. I think we need to do this again some other time and hope many more people can come.