Sunday, August 30, 2009


Yesterday I went to have a late supper with a school buddy, Razib. This time it was Senibong, a famous place for seafood in JB, because he had a craving for grilled fish. It was too early for sahur though (an early meal taken by fasting Muslims most of the time before the crack of dawn) but the exchanges of updates were more important. I don't have that many real close friends from school; I wonder if I do have any. I don't keep in touch with friends from school. I don't know whether they will still know me or whether I do exist in their lives after all. That is a disadvantage of being a not-so-famous-one in school, it is either they like you or they just don't care. Nevertheless, I have this one kind soul who has been, shall I say, considering me as an old friend from school all this while, right after a few years after we have finished university. Although it is not a frequent get-together as he is working in Qatar, when he comes back for his breaks, it has been regular meetings in mamak restaurants, McDonald's or Siamese seafood outlets. And we have been doing this over a number of years. As long as we can talk and eat, that will be just fine. So I would like to thank Mr. Razib for his kind gestures to be more than just a friend from my Facebook or Yahoo group, you are real!

Friendship remains and never can end, as long as it doesn't involve borrowing or lending money.