Monday, August 31, 2009


In less than two months, I was back in Singapore again. This time with my friend, Mr. Razib. Despite the fact that it could be a scorching hot fasting month, it was an offer that could not be easily rejected, especially when we were going to Geylang Serai this time.

Wak Tanjung Mosque

Geylang Serai is synonymous to the Malay community in Singapore and is very well known for its Ramadhan and Eid ul-Fitr bazaar. Tents were seen along the stretch of roads and it seemed to be endless. You could already breathe in the air of the celebration of Eid although it was only the beginning of the second week of fasting month. You could find almost everything under the sun there; from carpets to curtains, capal (traditional Malay footwear) to cookies, ready made dresses to imported dates.

At the entrance of Geylang Serai New Market. Beautiful Malay architecture is being preserved.

in front of a stall selling colourful head scarves

The place was already crowded with people by 6:00 p.m. as they started to buy their food to break fast. It was intoxicating in a way - with vibrant colours surrounding you, loud music blaring from loud speakers everywhere and the smell of food being fried or grilled filling the air; those could be the reasons for people to be spending money unconsciously. But for me, too many things, too little money. *sigh*

the tourist guide and I

We were so engrossed with the items on sale without realizing it was already time to break fast. We settled for kebab and a bottle of sugar cane drinks each, sat down on the pavement and ate with other strangers. This was what we called a simple pleasure in life; satisfaction without any remorse and no complaints whatsoever. Then only, we took the MRT and headed to Mr. Razib's in-law's house somewhere in Tampines.

Well, it was an excursion worth going, at least I know an option of where to go and what to get from there. Thanks Razib, and next time shall we go and explore other part of Singapore?