Monday, August 17, 2009


I grabbed today's edition of the New Straits Times as early as 6:45 a.m. to find out that Puan Rozana Sani had indeed featured my blog in the Tech&U pull-out. How many times in your life would you have the chance to appear in a newspaper with 1/6 of your photo covering its page and the other 1/6 with story about you (or rather your blog). So I would like to thank Puan Rozana Sani for liking my blog (I hope) and also for all her effort to put me in her paper which is an experience of a lifetime.

New Straits Times, August 17 2009, Tech&U page 14

Nevertheless, I think not many people are reading the NST or the Tech&U section as nobody seemed to notice about this historical event except for a group of librarians who were waving me the newspaper from the opposite block in front of the library. So I waved back at them, like a newly-crowned Miss Universe. Thank you, there were people who knew! I am still famous.

You can try and see the NST online version of this article at but I am not sure how long this page can be accessed by public.