Thursday, November 26, 2009


The story of friendship and brotherhood. Two characters growing up together in the city of Kabul, Amir and Hassan, one the son of a rich man and the other, of a servant, respectively. But being innocent children, there is no line drawn between the two until society sees their relationship as inappropriate especially when Hassan comes from a race of a lower class. This leads to an incident which in the end has made Amir succeeded in making Hassan go away from his home. Nevertheless, at one point of the plot, it is revealed that Hassan is actually Amir's half brother and that has caused Amir to have the biggest regret of his life after all the things he has done.

A book which full of emotion and if you are looking for something to read, this is the one you should get hold of. Highly recommended, I am giving this book 10/10 rating. In fact, I have one more Hosseini's book waiting to be picked. And will be watching the movie version based on the same book very soon. Talking about enthusiasm...